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Mags Harries Upcoming Exhibition
Rising Waters

Mags Harries' upcoming show at Boston Sculptors Gallery Rising Waters will feature her latest works. In this show Harries references the dilemma of Rising Waters and our inability to grasp it.

Twice in her life, Harries has found life ring buoys in dumpsters. One at a dumpster on the banks of the river Thames, one at the Blithewold Arboretum in Rhode Island; both were deteriorated and deemed useless. Harries explains, "Carrying the life ring in London, into the subway and over the bridges for a day was an amazing experience. People kept reassuring me that the subways never flooded, the Thames was under control and I was being overly cautious. Despite the humor in these encounters that happened about 25 years ago, these threats are becoming a reality."

Through simple placement, materials and scale, Harries creates a darker side to these objects that reflects the new reality of global warming. She imbues objects with the powerful presence of water.